Our Packages & Process

Whether it be a sit down mehfil type of night, to an all out Club Dance Party, with Bollywood and English top chart toppers, our team will sit with each client, and customize each event based on the vision of that special night. With our team located in North America, Europe, and Asia, we are strategically set up for seamless coordination with your “Event Planner” to ensure a smooth and successful evening.

Final Details
Show Time

What does your perfect night look like?

Mehfil Night

For a traditional sit down Mehfil gathering, Jeffrey Iqbal and his musicians will set an enchanting mood with songs of old and new, with a traditional touch. Lets cozy up on the floor, and drift away into a night of Ghazals, Geets, Bollywood, and Beyond.

Lets Dance and Celebrate!

Our most popular package, “Dance and Celebrate” is our go to “Wedding” choice. Jeffrey gets the crowd warmed up and then pumps the tempo up until the dance floor is jumping. This package is also great for a “Sangeet night” Corporate event, Charity event, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Or any event where you want to… DANCE AND CELEBRATE!


This package is for any event being held in an auditorium setting. This package takes you on a beautiful journey through a valley of romantic songs and lifts you to an energetic high, all from the comfort of your seat!

Customize Your Event

We can do ANYTHING you desire. Just reach out to Team JI, and we’ll customize a show, that tailored to fit your event.